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How To & Information Resources

How to & information resources: 

Need some help or expert advice? Our advice is free. Below is a list of commonly asked for information. If you don't see what you need, give us a call. 

 Used Furniture

We offer a wide selection of used furniture that is always changing. We are not able to show everything that we have at any give and some items are only at one of our showrooms. Feel free to contact us about what you are specifically looking for and we'll help you. 
Healthy Sitting- How to use the adjustment features of your chair to achieve healthy sitting.
Ergonomics- A general guide to the healthy office environment.
Office Layouts- General rules for planning office space and some recommendations.
Cleaning Furniture- Cleaning methods approved by manufacturers of your office furniture.
Consider Selling Or Donating Your Old Furniture- What's it worth and who would want it.
Facility Readiness for Delivery- Recommendations to minimize disruption to your operations while assuring a smooth delivery.
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